LV World Market – July 29, 2013

Appearance: Christopher Grubb, Arch-Interiors Design

Merchandise for Small Space Design Can Equal Big Profits
Monday, July 29, 11am to 12pm

As baby boomers retire and cities become more crowded with the younger age set and an influx of one- and two-person households, demand for smaller homes and apartments has grown to an all-time high.  So how does this trend toward smaller living spaces affect the merchandising needs of retailers and the work of designers, who cater to this market?  Beverly Hills Interior Designer Christopher Grubb, whose family was in retail for over a century, discusses market trends in furnishings and décor techniques that maximize the look and feel of smaller living spaces.  Grubb will showcase projects that include smaller scale furnishings, products to accessorize with, unique ideas for display, lighting and finishes that make a small space look large.  See what end users are demanding in product so you can become a trend leader, as opposed to a follower. The same design ideas can be applied to your retail store or showroom, proving that smaller spaces can have big style.

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